Restricted Key System and How It Helps You

Restricted Copies and Security Key Blanks

One of the major problems with standard keys is that they can be stolen, lost and copied; resulting in unauthorized access to your home or business. But this isn’t the case with restricted key access. Security key blanks are patent protected which registers the exact design of the key and ensures the key manufacturer cannot produce another copy of that same design.

Ultra-Secure Locks

Whilst there are a few different types of security systems you can put into place, the use of restricted key access is one of the most secure options to consider. The system is designed to use security blanks that can only be obtained and copied from a reputable locksmith in Solihull that specializes in restricted or master key systems. This means your keys cannot be duplicated without prior authorization. Locks will automatically become more secure too, as the restricted key reduces the chance of accidental opening with the wrong key. Know more about ultra-secure locks click here.

Accurate Records of Keys

Once the required amounts of keys have been cut, the details are accurately recorded. Only the designated people will be able to obtain a copy of the key and if you lose the key or it gets stolen, they will not be able to be duplicated.

The restricted key system is specifically designed to use security blanks which can only be copied from the locksmith in Coventry that initially designed it. The comprehensive records that go with the key at your locksmith ensure that a firm system stays in places for key access. These records are kept and maintained by your locksmith to eliminate absolutely every possibility of duplicate keys being created without authorization. Each key has a unique issue and system number that goes into these records to identify the user and provide a much higher level of secure access.