Types of Carpet And Whats Best For Your Home


You would most likely want to find the best carpet for your home and which starts simple then suddenly it gets complicated. You suddenly like something that would look good in your home. You want something that feels great and will stay that way for many years to come. And then you go to the local carpet store that’s when it gets complicated. If you have a tough time looking for your ideal carpet you can call carpet cleaning Birmingham we are experts in choosing the best carpet for you.

How well the carpet cleaning Birmingham will perform depends on how well the yarn is made and how densely the carpet is tufted. The general rule is that the more filaments twisted into a yarn, the stronger it will be and the denser the carpet is (more tufts per square inch), the better it will perform. Keep in mind though that the longer the pile height, the more likely a carpet is to crush (think of traffic paths or marks where furniture has been placed on top of the carpeting).

Carpet Types:

Carpet is manufactured with cut pile tufts, loop pile tufts or a combination of both.

Loop Pile Carpet has a knobby appearance made by each tuft being brought back into the backing. Loop pile carpets are generally more durable than cut pile styles. Loop pile carpet can be made up of level loops (all the same height) or multi-level loops to form a pattern or add more texture. Learn more about the loop pile carpet type click here.

Cut Pile Carpets, depending on the type yarn, can look smooth (Saxony) or slightly textured (textured Saxony or textured plush) or as though the surface is covered by very curly ends (frieze). Cut pile carpets are extremely versatile and are commonly used in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, dens and great rooms. The more textured or twisted yarns the less they will show footprints and vacuum cleaner marks.

Cut and Loop Carpets (also called cut & uncut) feature a combination of both loops and cut pile yarns that are used to create patterned designs. Patterned carpets can help hide traffic patterns in a room as well as give the floor a more interesting visual appearance. For example, a family room or rec-room may be the perfect place for a patterned cut and loop carpeting, especially if the room gets a lot of traffic.